Online Radio App

Our Online Radio is the ad free version of your very own Online Radio app created by HostingRA. Our Online Radio is capable of playing lot of stream formats. It has a very eye pleasing design and great user friendly interface.

Our custom android based online radio streamer application can stream the following formats.

  • PLS (url from file)
  • M3U (url from file)
  • MP3
  • MIDI
  • AAC LC
  • AAC+ (AACP)
  • AAC ELD (enhanced low delay AAC)(Android 4.1+)
  • AMR-NB
  • AMR-WB
  • FLAC
  • Vorbis


  • Social function integrations
  • Share function
  • Twitter or Facebook or other page integration
  • Notification
  • Track title detection
  • Smart-Tap controll
  • Supports error handling for network problems or bad streaming urls
  • Checks network availability
  • Easy volume control (with side button and touch screen too)
  • Special animated background or your logo
  • Supports background play
  • Supports interruptions
  • Supports headphones being inserted and removed (radio stops when headphones removed)
  • Animated buffering

Ready to have your own app?.

After completing your payment you will be redirected to the Radio Information page where you will have to provide us with a few details about your station in order for us to build your app.